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Basement Renovations – Plan

Basement Renovations 2Basement renovations are considered for a number of reasons. The most common reason we hear from people considering a basement renovations is space. Whether the basement is unfinished, partially finished or completely finished, but does not meet the homeowners needs, living and storage space are the primary reasons for basement renovations.

The key to successful basement renovations is to plan. Who are the people who are going to use this new finished basement? How are they going to use the finished basement? They are simple questions, but many of our customers really have not thought this through. For example, the needs of a young family with toddlers, is very different than the needs of someone who plans to have their elderly parents live with them in a finished basement apartment or finished basement in-law suite. There are a number of safety considerations, codes and bylaws one must consider before the basement renovations can begin. Simple things like safety handles in the shower or bathtub, intercoms, staircase lifts, in-home elevators for wheelchair access, separate entrances, automatic appliance shut switches for scenarios where elderly parents may prove a danger to themselves etc.

Really understanding who is going to use the finished basement and how, impacts decisions as seemingly as small as where to place electrical outlets, and how many, and what type.

At FinishedBasement.ca, we’ve planned hundreds of basement renovations and we can help you plan yours to the last detail, to ensure everyone’s complete satisfaction.

Basement Renovations – Design

The design of a finished basement should reflect the personal style of the homeowner and integrated with the design aesthetic of the entire house. Many homeowners only think about basement renovations as meeting their needs and fail to think about the resale value of their home, Design decisions should factor this in if you want the greatest return on your finished basement investment. So, before you make major permanent design decisions on flooring and the bathroom, especially where tile is laid, ask yourself whether it will be appealing to a future buyer. Neutral may be better. Contact us to book an appointment.

Basement Renovations – Build

The building phase of basement renovations is always exciting as the finished basement starts to take shape. Talk to your contractor about the quality of the materials they plan on using. At FinishedBasement.ca, we only use the best, hand selected material to ensure the job is done right. We don’t cut corners. We use licensed and experienced plumbers, electricians and gas contractors and we take tremendous pride in our product and respect your home. Our reputation resides on basement renovations that provide lasting value and stand the test of time.

Basement Renovations – Decor

The final touches on your finished basement, paint, fixtures, accessories all complete the look. We help homeowners strike a balance between form and function. You can see lots of ideas at our showroom. Contact us to book an appointment.

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