We Just Got BIGGER!

Home Spa Showroom Addition

Need another reason to come visit us at the Finished Basement Showroom?

For all you bathroom and spa lovers out there, we have just expanded our finished basement showroom. The Finished Basement addition was completed a few weeks ago to house new exciting products such as: Limestone, Marble, Toilets, Steam Showers and a working Infrared Sauna. Since we are finding more and more clients are adding home spas to their basement renovations, we decided to get BIGGER!

Looking for ways to spice up your new finished basement? Lets Talk Limestone!

This not so new material is becoming very popular with home renovations. It creates a warm, yet unique look. Unlike porcelain tiles, limestone is cut to order. Each order is unique to the slab it has been cut from. Each tile will have different swirls, patterns and lines. It is a great was to spice up your basement bathroom or home spa to give it that luxurious feel.

Looking to convert that 3 piece bathroom into a spa? No problem! Finished Basement has now added an infrared sauna for your enjoyment! Unlike the “traditional” sauna, where most people find temperatures to be unbearable, infrared rays penetrate the body and can do wonders: release toxins, help with circulation, reduce stiffness and fatigue, helps purify fat cells along with burning calories, strengthens the cardiovascular system…and the list goes on. This is why more and more clients are adding “wellness spa’s” to their finished basement’s.

Why spend money elsewhere, when you can relax in the conform of your own home? Hope to see you at the Finished Basement Showroom soon!