How to Turn Your Basement into a Functional Space

Basement Layout ideas

Visualizing your new basement space has become easier and easier over the years. Web based applications allow you to import pictures and manipulate them digitally.

3D modelling technology has also made seeing your space before it even exists something that is normal and not out of a sci-fi movie. Having these tools at our disposal is a great way to begin looking at your basement layout ideas and see how they fit in your actual space. A basement layout design idea is just that, an idea. It takes a team of experienced individuals to put it all together to make your dream a reality. That is exactly what we are and what we do Before we start working together we find out exactly what is it you want out of this space?

Do you want an open-concept basement where you can adapt the space for various functions?

Are you looking at creating a basement apartment?

Or are you looking at a multi-functional space that accommodates a home office, home gym, and entertainment area.

The first step of discovering and knowing what you want out of the space is the most important. This dictates every facet of design and construction.

Basement Layout Design Ideas

It is important for you to have a concrete idea of what you want out of your space because once the process begins, it becomes more and more challenging to make changes depending on what those changes are and how they affect the overall finish of your basement space. We pride ourselves in being part of these design process. Because of our experience we know the “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to coming to a final basement layout design. For instance, there may be support columns in the way of one of your basement layout ideas that will hinder the space or make it less functional. Because of our experience in renovations and the expertise of our staff, we know how to steer through these challenges. It could be as simple as re-arranging where the rooms are laid out to hide the columns in new walls, or covering them aesthetically in order to maintain a specific theme. Regardless of the “want” we are up for the challenge.

We also have many clients who renovate their basements to accommodate a family member or rent out to a tenant. These wants have a tremendous impact in how you design your basement. We help walk you through what can and can’t be done. Most of the time there are restrictions or requirements in order to have your new space pass inspection with the city. Because of our experience in the GTA we know where to direct you for all your permits and we know what parts of your basement layout ideas will work, and which ones will need to be changed or removed in order to stay within your budget and meet your required timeline and needs.

Overall there are many ways you can tackle your basement layout design ideas.

Give our team at a call and let us help you through every step!